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Is it really worth it?

The average person spends nearly 25 years of their life sleeping. Who wouldn't want to love their room if they are going to be spending that much time there? A house is just that, a structure. It takes personal touch and memories to make a house a home. If you are currently living somewhere that does not showcase your personality or style, we can help turn it into a space you love to spend time in and entertain your loved ones. There is no better feeling than coming home to a space that is comfortable and inviting.

What will it cost?

Every project is unique, and each client has different preferences and needs. This is why we prefer to work within your intended budget and timeline as opposed to offering a flat estimate that might not fit your plan. There are multiple factors taken into consideration when providing an estimate for the total cost of decorating or organizing areas within a home. At the consultation, we will discuss these details. No two projects or clients are alike, which is why we charge hourly rates to better fit each project.

Where do I start?

The more prepared your home is, the better! Ask yourself the following questions:

What are my personal goals for decorating my home?

Refresh the look? Accessorize? Upgrade treatments? Full redesign? Stage to sell?

Is my home clean and organized?

Cluttered? Child and pet friendly? Desirable to guests or potential future buyers?

Can I utilize each space inside and outside of my home for its intended purpose?

Easily accessible? Functional? Properly maintained?

Are the main living spaces of my home properly furnished?

Proper layout? Inviting? Appropriate proportions?

Do I have a desirable amount of personal items and pictures displayed?

Minimal decor or personal touches/photos? Unnecessary accumulated items and/or collectibles?

Knowing the answers to these questions will make the process of decorating or staging more efficient for your designer.

How long will this take?

The process and length of time it takes to decorate or organize a home is heavily determined by your schedule. If you are flexible with both, your designer will be more apt to complete each project quickly and efficiently. The Missing Piece Design has flexible hours of operation that adjust to the availability of each client. If you are only available to meet with your designer on weekends, the completion of your project may take longer than someone who can meet or give us access to their home during the week.

Your budget is another important component that impacts the completion of your project. It is highly recommended that you set a designated amount you are willing and able to spend before meeting with your designer. Knowing what your priorities and needs are versus wants is a big factor into staying within your means. Also, having your allowance available up front and at one time allows for purchases to be made within a smaller time frame, versus on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. You are the main deciding factor to determine when your home design is complete.