​Think you have a good eye for color variations? Take this fun and simple test to learn how you see color. A score of '0' means you have perfect color acuity while the lowest score you can receive is '99', meaning you can definitely benefit from my help! 

Copy and paste this link into your web browser: http://xritephoto.com/ph_toolframe.aspx?action=coloriq



Can't tell the difference between ivory and eggshell? Not sure if blue and orange are complimentary? I am an expert in color theory, and I will steer you in the right direction.


Arranging furniture in a space to accommodate everyone can be a difficult task. I will provide you with the best options for ease of traffic flow and functionality throughout each room.


Having trouble finding items or figuring out how to keep areas free of clutter? I can set you up for success by creating 

storage solutions and organization to nearly any area causing you a headache.

about us

The Missing Piece Design is a privately owned and run company based out of Austin, Texas. Brandy Anderman, owner and designer, has shown her passion for design and developed her skill set since childhood. Her eye for detail and organization led her to a career in interior design as an adult. Brandy studied at the International Academy of Design in Tampa, Florida. She now has over twenty years of work experience in both fashion and interior design.

"My goal is to assist all clients in making the tough decisions that can make or break the look and completion of their home. The services I offer are interior design (paint selection, decor, furniture layout, etc.), home organization, wardrobe consultations, and personal shopping. Although I have experience in all of these different projects, home accessorizing/decorating, closet organization, and wardrobe makeovers are what I specialize in and enjoy most!"

"Let me help you! I am dedicated to meeting the needs of all of my clients. Whether your budget is large or small, I will make the most cost-effective decisions to get you the best end result for your needs. If you need assistance with updating your wardrobe, shopping, or anything involving organization or design for your home, I can help!"

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